Reverend Viola Washington

Reverend Viola Washington is a God-fearing servant. She is a saved, called, anointed Christian of Jesus Christ born in the nation’s Capital, Washington, DC. She is a member of Family Community Fellowship Church under Bishop Darrell Lewis.

Her children have played a major role in Reverend Washington's life, and very much so today. She has had a deep love for babies and seniors since she was a little girl. Through the grace of God, she has a purpose and is doing God’s will with His help. She says, “To God be the glory for the awards and achievements He has allowed her to receive.” She is very grateful because it is all about Jesus. The Reverend asks that we all pray for her in Jesus’ name!

God's Messenger
Know Yourself

Know yourself for who you are
A unique person of the universe
Travelling so fast in outer space
Racing to find your place

Your world is spinning round and round
Never knowing where you’ll be
Take the time to realize
It starts inside of me…

In God’s Messenger, Reverend Viola Washington brings together a collection of poetry that inspires and captures the love and dedication that comes with a life committed to God. The Reverend was formally inducted into the International Society of Poets Symposium and Convention, where she was awarded the ISP Merit Award. She also received the Editor’s Choice Award for her poems, Know Yourself and God is in Control. Her mission in life is to minister to people through poetry. She gives thanks and glory to God daily for the honor of living out this mission.

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Released August 3, 2015

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