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TLP MiniBooks
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TLP Minis are short and sweet little publications that take the form of eBooks or small printed books. This option is ideal for authors who do not have full-length books, but are interested in publishing smaller works, such as:

a collection of aspirations
an opinion piece
a short story
a personal account of a unique experience
a how-to piece
a fun magazine-style article (i.e. 10 ways to find love)​
a journalistic or scholarly report​
a humorous piece​

As an eBook, it can be a quick and cheap download for readers who want to immerse themselves in a quick and compelling read. As a mini print book, it can be the perfect gift that tucks easily into a greeting card envelope or a back pocket.

If you have a great idea for a TLP MiniBook, contact us! Please complete an Author Inquiry Form to get started or just give us a call at 678.805.7715.