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Rev. Dr. Tamara E. Wilson

Rev. Dr. Tamara E. Wilson is the pastor of Nu Season Nu Day Ministry Church & Ministries in Baltimore, Maryland. She has earned degrees from the University of Maryland College Park, St. Mary’s Seminary and University, and the United Theological Seminary in Trotwood, Ohio. The founder of Journey Ministries, Inc., which focuses on empowering women to discover and embrace their authentic selves, Dr. Wilson is passionate about helping women achieve their God-ordained best. In her spare time, she enjoys playing golf with her husband, spending time with her daughters, and simply hanging out with her Sistah girls.

9 Weeks to Discovering, Becoming & Being You
9 Weeks of Discovering, Becoming, & Being You is a Christian devotional book of inspirational messages and practical advice to not only help women but empower them to live authentic lives on purpose. Each day the reader is taken on a personal journey to explore authenticity, what it means, how to discover it, and how to keep it, which enables her to stop being what she is supposed to be and begin being who she is.

The book is divided into three major sections: Discovering, Becoming, and Being. The section on Discovering explores the concept of the mask to show how women go through life disguised as someone they really are not. Becoming uses the concept of the caterpillar being shaped within the cocoon to show how our experiences can be used to transform us into the women we are meant to be. Being furthers that concept by observing the butterfly as it emerges and begins to fly. In this section the reader learns about redefining, pursuing purpose, and being her best self.

Each section is further divided into weekly readings that includes an inspirational message for meditative thought, followed by five short, thought provoking, daily readings with questions, and one journal writing exercise. This unique format allows the reader to gain a better understanding of who she is through the exploration of engaging subjects while embracing God's specific plan for her life.

Release Date:
January 20, 2020

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