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Stacy Roberts

Stacy Marie Roberts was born in Washington D.C. to Bruce and Vera James. The military moved their family to Augusta, GA in 1990 and she has resided there since that time. She has two sisters, Crystal and Brittney James. She currently resides in Evans, GA with her husband, Daniel Roberts and their four dogs, Billionaire, Boomer, Charlie, and Donut.

She is a 2001 graduate of Hephzibah Comprehensive High School. She graduated from Augusta State University, now known as Georgia Regents University, in 2006 with a BA in Marketing. She completed her MBA in Human Resources from Liberty University in the spring of 2015.

Stacy loves working with young people. In addition to having years of childcare experience, she is the president of the Temple Teens Department of the New Life Worship Center in Hephzibah GA. She has been a member of New Life for over 25 years under the ministry of Pastors Claude and Regina Harris.

Stacy has had a love for reading and writing stories since an early age. She loves using her stories to teach children the word of God and valuable life lessons. She believes that through Him, all things are possible.

Boomer, Be Nice
One Saturday morning, Boomer Bulldog bullies his friends at the neighborhood playground. When he finds himself sad and alone, he learns a valuable lesson about being nice to others. Follow Boomer and his friends in this story of bullying, the importance of being polite, and the power of forgiveness.

February 28, 2015

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Roscoe's Rescue
One morning at Poochton Community Center, Roscoe attends Coach Champion's CPR and First Aid class. In his excitement to show his friends all the wonderful things he's learned, he accidentally causes chaos in the playroom. Roscoe is embarrassed and sad as his friends become angry and ignore him. But when a real emergency happens, Boomer and the rest of the Poochton pups learn how important CPR and First Aid really are.

March 1, 2016