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Dr. Mary Jacobs

Dr. Mary T. Jacobs is coordinator of the Ed.S. program and Internships at Mercer University. She has a passion for educating children and adults and improving schools across Georgia, and serves as a consultant for various school systems. Over the last thirty years, Dr. Jacobs has served in many facets of education ranging from school administration to college-level, private consulting, to serving in the classroom. She has mentored countless colleagues in their professional careers.

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Inspiring Future Leaders Through Coaching and Mentoring
Imagine a workbook designed for educators, mentors, mentees, and others who wish to learn how to give back. Meant to serve as inspiration for those who are intending to walk the path as a mentor or coach in a given field, author and coach Mary Jacobs has developed this book with you in mind.

Inspiring Future Leaders through Coaching and Mentoring addresses the differences between the disciplines of coaching and mentoring, teaches you how to be effective by implementing standards and guidelines, and includes a journaling section to encourage you to chronicle and reflect on your journey to personal and professional growth. 

​​As stated by Dr. Jacobs, "In sharing our experiences with each other, we gain a new perspective on our careers and life goals." Inspiring Future Leaders Through Coaching and Mentoring serves as a starting point for sharing, dialogue, and the realization of new perspectives among leaders and aspiring leaders like you.
Release Date:
​December 20, 2014

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