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Glen Allen

Glen Allen is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he taught as an urban educator for eighteen years. A graduate of Saint Xavier University in Chicago, he also completed a master’s degree at Marquette University and additional certification at Cardinal Stritch University. With the hearts of the city’s young men in mind, he has created Kingdom Come Consulting and has mentored in schools, organizations, and communities. A father of three, Glen currently resides in Milwaukee where he and his family are continuing their journey as he pursues his passion for writing.

Uninvited Guest
I now had an uninvited guest in my home—one that would not be leaving anytime soon; one that would alter the lives of my family and challenge us like never before. Without recourse or explanation, without consent or appeal, things had changed. Whether I liked it or not, Cancer had forcefully entered my home and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.

In Uninvited Guest, a young wife and mother, Angelique, is targeted by Cancer. As she battles through the most challenging days of her life, her personal will is tested. Revealing himself in the flesh to her husband, Glen, Cancer takes up residence in their home, wreaking havoc and devastation. In Cancer’s continuous presence, Glen struggles to hold on to his wife, his life and his faith. Partake in this moving, vulnerable, and often amusing look at a spouse's struggle with his wife's cancer diagnosis.

A creative retelling of real-life events, the author bares all in the unique narrative of a husband vying for dominion over his home and wife over an immortal enemy, Cancer. Despite the aid of family, dear friends and colleagues, Glen finds himself engaged in the fight of his life.

Release Date:
October 25, 2019

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