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Fanesia Green

Fanesia Green wears many hats as a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. She has one princess and three princes. Writing has been her passion since middle school. It was where she could put her dreams, testimonies, and experiences into words and tell a story. In addition to writing, Ms. Green is an accomplished volleyball player. Being a working mom of four has taught her that no matter what may blow your way, allow it to be a lesson to learn or a reason for
the moment.

“I’ve learned to never give up, to follow my heart, and to share love no matter how big or small.”

Seven-year-old Portland experiences a new way to meet new friends on a cold and snowy day. She meets someone who understands that being different is a character trait of God’s love inside of us. God can use anyone at any age to shine a light on any place. Come with Portland on her journey as she learns that there’s nothing like meeting someone who accepts you and is excited to talk about God.

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