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The Empowered Writers Academy consists of a series of classes that enable authors and aspiring authors to indulge in the craft of writing, to learn the nuts and bolts of the publishing industry, and to network with others in the field. Through a series of one-day classes and seminars, participants have the opportunity to develop skills that range from bringing a book idea to life to writing query letters. Every writer has a unique purpose and path. The Empowered Writers Academy is designed to help writers determine the path that is most fitting for his or her personal goals.


​▪ ​Classes offered twice monthly from January through September 2016
​▪  Live online classes offered on WizIQ​
​▪ ​$35 two-hour classes

​​▪ ​$450 for access to all classes
​▪ ​$500 for access to all classes plus a personal author coaching session
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COURSES OFFERED (click here to download class schedule and descriptions)


Write That Book This Year!
Act Like a Writer, Think Like an Entrepreneur I: The Business Side of Authorship
Real Authors of Atlanta: Discussions with Successful Authors
Expose Yourself: Marketing and Public Relations Skills for Your Back Pocket
10 Ways to Make Money Outside of Book Sales
Your Mom is Not Your Editor: Execute a Sound Editing Plan for Your Manuscript
5 Essential Rules of Scholarly Writing and Publishing
The Front and Back Matters: Writing Your Book Cover Material
Motivational Speaking for the Inspirational Author
No More Collecting Dust: From Great Book Ideas to Publication
Act Like a Writer, Think Like an Entrepreneur II: Develop Your Book Launch Plan
Write That Book This Year Intensive
Technology Challenge 1: Design Your Own Printed Material
Technology Challenge 2: Design Your Own Author Website and Social Media Pages
Technology Challenge 3: Produce Your Own Book Trailer
Write Your Life: How to Tell Your Testimony in Writing
Publishing Options 101: Need to Know Info About the Industry
Speaking, Writing, Consulting: Build An Enterprise Around Your Books


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