Write. Publish. ​Fundraise.
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Envision. Collaborate. Create. Publish.

Imagine professionally published books written by your students. Imagine a book launch party and funds raised for your school. The SkyLight Writers Club is an academic program and no-risk fundraiser that engages students in the craft of writing and publishing.

Students who have creative, strong writing skills are more likely to not only pursue higher education, but also finish college. The SkyLight Writers Club is designed to help young people realize their potential as writers, boost confidence levels, enhance writing skills, and ultimately, help them take pride in what they will be able to achieve.
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Write the Testimony!

The But God! project is compilation of testimonies from your church members, compiled into a professionally published book. It is a priceless opportunity to give voice to those who have experienced the amazing grace and mercy of God. Whether protected from adversity or given provision, there are endless testimonies waiting to be told. Tandem Light Press' But God! project wants to get these stories told. Our stories of triumph, faith, and overcoming have the power to inspire and change lives in ways we never thought possible. When we testify, we spread the message of God's love and bring hope to people who may be only one breath away from giving up.

Live. Learn. Write.

Are you on a college campus with students who have a story to tell? Wisdom to pass? An issue they are passionate about? Whether it's an experience like a brush with death, racism, or falling in love, we are looking for your students!

We bet you have more than a few students who could write letters to their younger selves or to the world about lessons they've learned in life. All it takes is for you to select a theme and round up a student group or just anyone who has something to say. Encourage them to write just one letter about what they've learned about love, life, or themselves that is worth sharing with the world.​​
Get your school, church, community organization, college or university involved in a powerful collective writing experience that can inspire, raise funds, and change lives. And best of all? It's FREE. Do it all in these 5 easy steps!

​​1​. Register your school or group
2. Submit your entries
3. Let us professionally publish your compilation book
4. Throw your book launch event
5. Sell your books​ and raise the funds you need!

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