Carolyn Walker Odell

Carolyn Walker Odell has been writing poetry since the age of eleven. Through the years, Carolyn has continued to write poems, songs, short stories and even a novel, which she has published, God Hears, Sees, and Blesses. Carolyn is now working on her third book, another novel, and is working on a collection of short stories for children and young adults. She is retired and currently lives with her husband in Georgia.

Fruits From My Heart
I thought everything was in perspective:
romance, strong perfume, music, money,
status, excursions, hazy windows, burning lips,
and ice cream cones.

But what has happened now?
Murky clouds, cold winds, and sandstorms,
Fierce rains and snowy mountains

Can’t touch anything,
can’t hear the trumpet cry or the drum beats—
clear window panes, still can’t see.

Fruits from My Heart is a collection of spiritual, romantic, and inspirational poems from the creative mind of Carolyn Walker Odell. Journey with her as she shares her perspective and enlightened view of faith and what it means to love.

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Release Date:
April 15, 2015