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Bentley Gibson, Ph.D.

Dr. Bentley L. Gibson received a BA in Psychology from Spelman College and her doctorate in Psychology from Emory University. She focuses on how children develop racial and gender attitudes. She is currently an Associate Professor of Psychology at Georgia Highlands College, and the founder of a diversity training organization called The Bias Adjuster.

My Magical Hair
Did you know that the ancient Egyptians taught that hair spiraled because of the same power that causes spirals in the galaxies, stars, planets, atoms, and in our DNA? My Magical Hair takes you on a journey with Lorene and Luther as they learn about how special their hair is. While Lorene is convinced that their hair is magical, Luther attempts to find something else that can “magically” fight gravity like their hair.

This book celebrates curly/kinky/texturized hair in a way that will have children proud of their natural hair and never want to change it! The reader learns that natural hair is not only beautiful but has the power to be MAGICAL!

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