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Anthony J. Harris

Anthony J. Harris was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He was an active participant in the local Civil Rights Movement and has been a champion for ethical leadership for the greater part of his life. Dr. Harris has published a of scholarly articles and the following books: Fruits of a Disgraced Legacy, It’s What’s on the Inside, Gifts of Moments: Being Somebody to Somebody, and Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round. In his books, he draws upon life lessons learned through love, injustice, leadership, and power.

Dr. Harris has been featured on PBS and conducts keynote addresses on topics pertaining to the Civil Rights Movement, the educational success of young black males, and leadership. Since 2008, Dr. Harris has served as Professor of Education at Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia. He and his wife, Smithenia, have two adult children, Ashley and Michael.

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Fruits of a Disgraced Legacy
Set in the small college town of Sharpville, Mississippi, Fruits of a Disgraced Legacy is a raw and intense account of a ruthless cabal that used unmitigated power, influence, and millions of dollars to earn both respect and fear from the citizens of a small, Southern town. Hidden behind a pious and reputable facade, seven men have ruled the dark underbelly of the town with one goal in mind: to keep the “Old South” alive. With all possible means of moral oppression, including gambling, prostitution, and even murder, this sinister septet has endeavored to protect white supremacy and racial segregation for over 40 years and, until recently, have been successful.

Now, an unlikely hero stands to upset their decades-old charade. Can he navigate the network of politics and secrecy to bring them down? Or will his willingness to stand ultimately cost him his life?
(CreateSpace, 2012)
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It's What's on the Inside
Previously Published
Ashley comes home from school feeling very sad and is ready to change who she is after one of her friends from school tells her that he doesn't like the color of her skin. With a lot of love and words of support, Daddy helps her embrace the skin she's in.​
(Tandem Light Press, 2014)

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Reviews of What's on the Inside
“It’s What’s on the Inside is an absolutely beautiful story. I love it! It has such a great message that people often overlook. I want my daughter to love EVERYTHING about herself: skin color, eyes, nose, lips, height, just everything.”
–Latoya Norman, African American Military History Museum

​“It's What’s on the Inside reminds me of my childhood days in McComb, MS. All children need to know and believe deep within that they are special no matter where they come from and no matter what they look like.”
–Kay Fields, President & CEO, Girls Inc. of Lakeland, Florida

​“What a wonderful way to explain to children that love and compassion comes from within, that we should love people for who they are, not because of the color of their skin or how they look!”
–Moncia Benavides, Teacher, Corpus Christi, Texas

​“What a sweet book on many levels – especially the conversation between the dad and daughter. It’s What’s on the Inside embraces the universal truths found in friendship and the power of accepting who you are. It provides a powerful message of self-acceptance for children presented in a manner that is clear and understandable.”
–Dr. Margaret Morris, Professor of Education, Mercer University

​“…loving, engaging, and timely in guiding children to acquire strong, healthy racial identities that will assist them in navigating in our perpetually racialized U.S. society. We must begin with fortifying children to be our best moral leaders.”
–Rebecca Bustamante, Professor of Educational Leadership, Sam Houston State University

"At some point, every child will come home with a question about skin color, this is an excellent book for parents and children to read together, so children understand that being kind to others and true to yourself is what defines us, not what others think-a useful lesson for parents and children."  
​–Rupa Sheth, Parent, Atlanta, Georgia​​

Faith, Family, Friends, and Freedom: The Life and Legacy of Daisy Harris Wade
Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom - The Life and Legacy of Daisy Harris Wade is a tribute to the well-lived life of an icon, mother, and fearless civil rights activist. Hers was no ordinary life - far from it. This book chronicles the many extraordinary ways in which she stood on the solid foundations of her Christian faith, love of her family, devotion to her friends, and an unwavering commitment to the struggle for freedom and civil rights in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

As author and son, Dr. Anthony J. Harris was pleased to write such a personal and poignant account of his mother's life. His many memories of her cannot be expressed in or captured by words.To present a broader view of her life, Dr. Harris invited family members and friends to share their memories of her. The result is an awesome collaborative project that illustrates the depth and breadth of a well-lived life and the many relationships Ms. Harris Wade nurtured during her unforgettable eighty-three years on this earth.

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