Tandem Light Press is a company committed to inspirational life change through publishing, life coaching, and motivational speaking. If you have a story to tell or a dream to pursue, let us help you express yourself and inspire the world. Our mission is four-fold: Excellence, Accessibility, Education, and Innovation.


Quality and professionalism is of utmost importance. Our products reflect the authors we represent. All books published by Tandem Light Press are produced only at top quality by working with highly skilled authors, professional editors, designers and printers. Thus we, do not accept every manuscript submitted. All books published by Tandem Light Press must reflect our mission and purpose  to inspire and must be of quality that meets industry standard.


Many great authors are turned down by major publishing companies or cannot even submit a manuscript without having a literary agent. For nonfiction writers, in particular, of utmost importance for major publishing companies is whether or not the author is well-known or has a strong national platform. If the author does not, the publisher often will not consider taking that author on. Tandem Light Press chooses its authors based on writing ability, not celebrity. We are committed to making publishing accessible to upcoming fiction and non-fiction authors who are excellent writers and are motivated to promote their work.


There is so much about the publishing industry that new authors simply do not know. There are many myths and scams that serve to discourage and take advantage of those who don’t understand the industry. In most cases, these writers are not ready to publish, due to either underdeveloped writing skills or having work that is not ready to be advanced to the next step. Tandem Light Press provides educational opportunities for budding authors who want to learn more about the industry and want to produce top quality work. Through a series of workshops and conference appearances, Tandem Light Press provides information that helps aspiring authors with the following:

• Deciding the best publishing route to take
• Strengthening writing skills
• Understanding nuts and bolts of the publishing industry and the publishing process
• Creating a work that is ready for publication – not rushing it
• Uncovering effective strategies for author and book promotion


In this day and age of technology, social media, and an abundance of resources available to authors and publishers, there are great opportunities to widely and creatively promote books. Tandem Light Press takes pride in assisting authors with the development of unique marketing and public relations plans. We understand that this is the key to generating book sales. Tandem Light Press has reached out to major media outlets, has hosted red carpet launch events, and even coast-to-coast group discussions to get the author’s book the attention it deserves. Our philosophy is to promote books the way that the film industry promotes movies – with video trailers that are aired as television commercials, with high-profile events, and major speaking engagements. We publish in a variety of formats from phone apps to eBooks to audio books to target exactly the right audiences. We use independent and mainstream book distributors to increase book sales internationally, and we dare to send review copies of our books out to major reviewers so that our books can be released with positive reviews included on the front and back cover. Additionally, each of our authors are automatically added to our speaker's bureau and receive unlimited author coaching from our in-house coaches. These are all innovative moves for a small independent publisher.

At Tandem Light Press, we treat each author as a unique and independent case and develop a plan that is specific to his or her goals.​​

Publishing for the People
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